Willie Obiano’s Wife Slaps Bianca Ojukwu At Soludo’s Inauguration


Dramatization followed on Thursday at the introduction of Prof Chukwuma Soludo as the legislative head of Anambra when the spouse of active Gov. Willie Obiano, Ebelechukwu, slapped Mrs Bianca Ojukwu at the occasion.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) journalist who was at the location of the occasion reports that the occurrence happened following Soludo made his vow of office.

NAN reports that dignitaries including Ex-Gov Obiano were at that point situated when Mrs Obiano stepped in and moved to the first line where the widow of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu was situated and slapped her.

The activity drew the consideration of safety specialists and a few characters who pulled Mrs Obiano off the hold of Bianca who was apparently stunned at the activity.

Mrs Obiano was subsequently removed and without further ado a while later, her significant other left the scene since the episode occurred after the new lead representative had been confirmed.