Why I didn’t pay tribute to Ifeanyi on ‘Timeless’ Album- Davido


Famous Nigerian Afrobeats musician, Davido, has explained why he did not pay tribute to his late son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, in his latest album titled ‘Timeless’. Despite fans’ expectations that the album would focus on his son’s death, Davido chose to create a more entertaining album.


During a press conference ahead of the upcoming ‘Timeless’ concert scheduled for April 23 in Lagos, Davido stated that his goal was to release a classic album with minimal emotional songs. He did not want to create an album that would make his followers emotional over the loss of his son, Ifeanyi.


Davido further explained that he has always been a happy person, regardless of what he may be going through. He also mentioned that if sad songs were to be included in any future project, it would be a separate one altogether.


In summary, Davido’s decision not to pay tribute to his late son in his latest album was due to his desire to create an entertaining album with minimal emotional songs, and not because he did not care about his son.

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