What Sparks will happen when the Meta Public Chain meets NFT and Gamefi?


Have you ever thought about what will happen when public chains meets NFT and GameFi?


ESG Meta COO Polyna, was invited to participate in a twitter space event. Polyna is a well-known investor eight years of experience in blockchain operations. She is good at NFT and GameFi operations. This article organizes the Polyna Q&A content that happened in the twitter space.


Here were the given questions and the ESG Meta’s empressive words:

Q1: Could please introduce your project?

Answer (1):


Okay, the name of our project is ESG META and ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. The original idea of the team in the establishment of ESG Meta is to require everyone in the ESG ecosystem to deeply understand that environmental protection is the responsibility of everyone on the earth. Environmental protection and environmental ecological governance require each of us to make practical efforts. Taking action and giving back to nature is the best investment.

Our project is what you call a Metaverse public chain and by public chain I mean a multichain smart contract. ESG Meta is a global NFT holder providing pledge, lending and leverage value added services to improve the liquidity of the underlying assets (NFT) of Web3.0 and promote the globalization of “X- To- Earn”. We are aimed providing NFT tokenized products, absorbing and integrating high-quality NFT project traffic, solving the industry pain points of poor liquidity of NFT assets in Metaverse, and gradually building a public chain ecology of Metaverse around ESG.

Q2: What makes ESG Meta unique among similar projects?

Answer (2):

“What sets us (ESG Meta) apart from other projects is the fact that ESG META is built for all kinds of blockchains and NFT types. It have also created a lossless multichain DeFi product called BPoS consensus mechanism which enables different smart contracts to collaborate with each other. Unlike many projects all our contract owner permissions have been discarded and all source codes are open source. We are strictly driven on consensus and by so doing have a DAO community where our members will vote and make decisions on behalf of ESG META. ESG Meta also adopts the Web3.0 governance method-DAO to eliminate the influence of centralized entities, and at the same time implements transparent governance through the use of smart contracts to execute transactions, and ensure the decentralized characteristics of the project from economic models to governance methods.What ESG Meta builds is not just a simple public chain, but a Web3.0 metaverse on top of it and also has a high ecological potential.”

Q3: How do users Earn in ESG Meta?

Answer (3):

BPoS purchase volume proof of stake is an original consensus mechanism of ESG Meta, and the incentive layer is also designed and built around this mechanism.

The consensus determines the user’s rights and interests according to the user’s purchase amount, holding amount and holding time of the incentive token ESG, so as to allocate USDT as a reward regularly every day; it is worth mentioning that the rewards provided by BPoS for current users are issued in USDT , so that users can resist the risks brought by the rise and fall of tokens. Through repeated calculations of technologies and algorithms, as well as 4-month trial operation, the mechanism has achieved remarkable results: the ESG token of the incentive layer outperformed the broader market in the bear market and maintained a gratifying rise; at the same time, the stability of the 4-month code was also seen from the side It confirms the feasibility and superiority of BPoS multi-smart contract collaboration.

At the same time, many mainstream public chains on the market, such as ETH, have gradually moved towards a more energy-saving and green PoS mechanism in recent years; and the innovative and stronger BPoS will have a more dazzling performance in the future.


In the future, ESG Meta will carry out ecological construction around BPoS, and NFT Staking will be the first core ecosystem to meet with you. In the future, NFT holders on any public chain can pledge NFT on the ESG Meta platform. The ratio of 50:1” to obtain ESG, this move will bring a buyer’s market of tens of billions of dollars to ESG, and the future of ESG can be expected.

Token ESG
Total issuance: 100 million pieces
Distribution method: quantitative distribution
Destruction model: 45% of the initial issuance (45 million pieces) will be permanently destroyed at the same time, and 2% of each transaction will be continuously and regularly destroyed to 21 million pieces
10% (10 million) DAO governance tokens
45% (45 million) will be destroyed upon issuance
45% (45 million) NFT staking mining output

Q4: Please introduce your project’s X to earn?

Answer (4):

The NFT Staking just mentioned is one of the manifestations of the concept of X to Earn.

X to Earn is quite simple, it’s a platform that enables users Earn from doing almost anything. X can be any human behavior, such as eating, exercising, sleeping, shopping, studying, gaming, creating, watching dramas, etc. So to wrap it all up, you will acquire financial gain generated through the actions of these specific scenarios. You can earn just by doing what needs to be done like what I have mentioned.

With the inception of our X to Earn platform, users can benefit through their daily activities, so for me that’s a cool way of getting passive income. X to Earn is a way to retain users for a long time, which can give users a high sense of belonging to the application. Currently, X to Earn has appeared in many application scenarios of Web3, such as Play to Earn, Move to Earn, Learn to Earn and many more.

The generation where everything can be NFT, and in the near future X to Earn will be developed and applied on ESG Meta Chain! So wait and see!

Maybe what I said here is rather vague. In order to make it easier for everyone to understand this matter more intuitively, there is an Internet company in China that can represent the concept of X to Earn — Meituan. Meituan users can get income by ordering, and ESG Meta will focus on the construction of sinking markets in the future. In short, ESG will be a Meituan in the metaverse world, allowing global users to make money from eating, shopping, lodging, ordering, etc. In the future, there will be a trillion-dollar market, etc. With us, please wait and see!

Q5: Could you tell us about the plan of your project?

Answer (5):

Oh well, our roadmap is divided into 5 which are the Q1-Q4 for the year 2022 and the last one will be for the 2023 we can call it Q5.

Since Q1 and Q2 are already implemented then I’ll just discuss the rest.

For Q3, some of these are already made but I will just mention it again.

These are:

Global super node deployment, White Paper Ver 1.0 released which is already done, Alpha Integration Test, ESG Meta Beta (Ver 2.0) development verification test, then ESG Meta Platform & SDK Beta (Ver 2.0) Online Verification last but not the least for Q3 is the Token Generation and Distribution

For Q4 would be the Close Beta Integration Test, Establishing ESG Meta public chain laboratory, then Builds 100 DAO communities, last one for Q4 would be the expansion of the global supernode.

And now for the 2023 plans, we will look forward for a great launched ESG Meta public chain, then will start the ESG Swap development base on ESG Meta public chain, and also the building Service Infrastructure Scalability, and lastly the Launched NFT, NFT equity expansion, to solve mainstream NFT liquidity problem.

Here’s a short definition of ESG Meta’s BPos Consensus Mechanism!

The ESG Meta’s Consensus Mechanism called BPoSBPoS is a decentralized financial product composed of multiple smart contracts cooperating with each other. It was carefully polished and launched by the core members of the development team from the IPFS Genesis Network. The contract management authority has entered the black hole address, realizing complete openness, transparency and decentralization. ESG BPoS is a lossless DeFi product that adopts the model of holding currency and dividends. Buying fee 5%, selling 0% fee.

ESG BPoS is a revolutionary and innovative smart contract. On the way to become the Metaverse public chain, it will continue to introduce other high-quality NFT communities to join the ESG ecosystem, and solve the problem through the three major mechanisms of BPoS holding dividends, transaction mining, and transaction deflation. The liquidity problem of Metaverse NFT assets, creating a great ESG Metaverse ecology, and achieving a market value of 100 billion US dollars.

In the twitter space event, 2 questions from twitter and telegram communities are asked to ESG Meta, and here’s how it went.


1st Community Question: What makes you sure that your project will still be here in the years to come, because there are a lot of projects engaging in web3.0?


We possess goals and ideologies backed by years of planning and Research. Our deflationary tokenomic models as well as our unflawed consensus mechanism is unmatched. Our solution to solving NFT liquidity will be used by many other projects for years to come so that’s a guarantee that we’ll be better and stronger for as long as possible.

2nd Community Question: How would you encourage users to engage and trust in your project?



Well the only way to encourage other users to participate and engage in ESG Meta is to give amazing services and receive good feedbacks from people who already knows ESG Meta and also ESG Meta is not just all about the talks and words or planning, we encourage people to trust our project by letting them see and observe how are project works and how it will give them the satisfactions they need.

The Twitter Space has invited two projects, one is a GameFi and the other is an NFT Platform. In the future, both GameFi and NFT will be deployed on ESG Meta Chain!

By that, Twitter space event just end