What Is A Father


What is a father? A father is a male and a parent to a child or children. He is in charge of a family known as the leader of a family. A father is in charge of the financial upkeep of a family.

My life experience with my father

As a young man of twenty-four years of age. I have had a lot of experiences, and one of such experiences is my having been in many families. And having been able to observe the lifestyle of their fathers, especially their fathers. In all, I have come to conclude that none of these fathers could be compared to mine.

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My father is very unique in that he is highly religious, kind-hearted, loving, caring, and above all, highly tolerant and accommodative. However, he could be volcanic on occasions because he is a disciplinarian.

Christian Life Of A Father

My father is an ardent Roman Catholic. He attends morning mass every morning during the week, and on Sundays, he ensures that at least he is present at two masses.

This very habit, he has done everything possible to inculcate in us, and to a reasonable extent, we have imbibed it.

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He belongs to many societies in the church, such as the choir, Mary League, St. Anthony Society, and Legion of Mary.

At the moment, he is the chairman of the CMO of our parish. With this religious disposition. Almost all that he earns goes to charity work, which, of course, we are not quite happy about.

He makes it a point of duty to visit the sick at the hospitals twice every week. And those in prison, once every week. As a result of this lifestyle of my father, he has been nicked named father James, for James is his name.