Unn Shuttle Drivers Go on Strike, Insist on increase of Transport Fare



The shuttle drivers of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) have gone on an endless strike.

The strike that began today was accounted for because of the way that the van drivers need to keep a bus charge of #70 regardless of the lessening in the cost of fuel as of late. The bus cost which was at first #50 for enormous transports and #60 for smaller than usual transports before the increment in the cost of fuel, was expanded to #70 for huge transports and #100 for little transports during the significant expense of fuel adventure last week.

The Shuttle drivers had before on would not consent to the solicitation of the Students Union Government (SUG) of the school to return e ordinary transport charge and this had prompted the endless strike they left on today.

The SUG overseer of data, Card Oksana Obinna talking on the matter in a notice shipped off the college local area said, “Warm good tidings from the whole Students’ Governing Body (SUG).

It is no question that the cost of fuel has been standardized and as such the van expense ought to go with the same pattern.

Yet, after much exchange with our van drivers on the need to return to a van expense of ₦50 as against the ₦70 at present being charged, they demanded

predominantly and recorded many variables going from vehicle significant expense of vehicle support to the excessive cost of oil, and so forth as their motivations to keep up with the said charge”.

The Students Union Government has in this light ordered that van drivers will keep up with the cost of ₦50 as transport charge to quit taking advantage of our understudies yet this has made a stalemate as the bus drivers have demanded they preferably picket over a return to ₦50″ he clarified.

He inferred that the Students’ Union Government has by this notice asked the whole University people group to stay fearless as they (the whole University people group) are confronted with approaching strike activity from the bus drivers.

“Much obliged to you and God favors you” he added.