Unn Senate Resolves The Transportation Issue


The understudy Union Government (SUG) authorities in a critical gathering with the Dean of understudies undertakings, the trans-course executive, security office, and some different pioneers has prevailed with regards to settling the issue with the van drivers and has delivered a reminder with this impact.

The SUG head of data in the notice apologized to the whole University people group for the unrehearsed strike adventure and recorded the goals they made concerning the issue.

Here is all he said, “We present to you our warm and regarded good tidings from the Students Union Government, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Right off the bat, we might want to apologize to our students and the University Community everywhere for the bothers brought about by the Strike today by Shuttle Drivers. We need to likewise see the value in our Great Lions and Lionesses for their firm help and comprehension in this Struggle against any unexpected climb in cost or extravagant cost despite the fall in fuel cost to #165 right now”.

We are satisfied to educate our Students and University Community regarding the Emergency Meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs, SUG Officials, Chairman and Manager of Trans-Route, Security Department and Leaders of Shuttle Drivers this evening at the Student Affairs Department as the issues confronting Transport administration and the abrupt climb in the cost of Shuttle without ideal notification were tended to.

The following are a portion of the goals of the gathering:

The Price of Shuttle will be REVERTED to the ordinary cost from Tomorrow, Friday 24th September being:

A. From Ogige market to school

Enormous Bus … #50

Little Bus … #60

B. From Behind Flats to school:

Enormous Bus and Small Bus … #50

C. From Inside School to Outside school … #50

Because of the Increased average cost for basic items and high vehicle support, the Dean of Students, Director of Transport representing the SUG Officials, Chairman of Trans-Route, and Leaders of Shuttle Drivers will examine a consistently concurred new cost of Shuttle which will be somewhat expanded to Favor and secure the government assistance of our Students and that of Shuttle Drivers, as they likewise have kids in schools and obligations also.

The concurred cost of Shuttle by these concerned people will be spread the word about for the Nigerian Students through the SUG Director of Transport COMR. NWODO HENRY (Humble Lion)* and will take full *effect from MONDAY 11TH OCTOBER, 2021

This two-week (14 days) notice is intended for Shuttle Drivers to get back to the concurred ordinary cost, subsequently, fuel cost has been standardized. Once more, to get ready and properly educate the Nigerian Students that there will be a slight expansion In fuel cost because of the excruciating living expense for Shuttle Drivers and significant expense of vehicle support and supplies.

This adjustment of Price to #50 and #60 separately and Agendas on this Memo produces full Results FROM TOMORROW, FRIDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2021

“Do well to contact the SUG Director of Transport, Comr. NWODO HENRY (Humble Lion) on 0816 061 6667 for more inquiries. Additionally, Report any Shuttle Drivers defaulting any of these Agendas or goals made here, you can send the Fleet or Plate Number to the number above” he closed.