Unn Female Medical Student who twerked Some Weeks Ago, attempted Suicide


Mirabel Obi, an undergraduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka tried committing suicide.

Review shows that she became a web sensation over her twerking video a few days prior.

Many accept it as the disgrace that accompanied the video that pushed her.

The girl in question bought a very hard drug, sniper according togg Siggy NG reports.

Mike, a dear companion to Mirabel who uncovered the data recently said that he thought the data was a joke when he got it however he called to affirm and it was valid and spread the word about that he has as of now visited her

Observers to the frequency of the endeavored self-destruction spread the word that she was given red oil the circumstance before she was taken to the medical clinic

Nonetheless, it will be reviewed that Mirabel in her past meet with myschoolnews revealed that she wanted to drink sharpshooter/sniper as a result of the negative treatment distributed to her by the school and the executives following the viral twerking video of her via online media.

It will likewise be reviewed that she uncovered in the meeting that her psychological well-being at that point was zero percent and that she has been going through a ton because of body disgracing from fellow students.

The report additionally uncovered that Mirabel who was hurried to the clinical place for treatment was visited by her dad recently and was brought home