UNN Female Graduate Allegedly Exposes How Lecturer Attempted to Forcefully Sleep with Her



A female graduate student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) has revealed how a certain UNN lecturer, Mr. Obiora, repeatedly attempted to sleep with her.


Mr. Obiora Remigius, a married man and a former lecturer in the Philosophy Department, was accused of s3xual harassment by one of his students whom he was tasked to supervise during her final year.


The graduate narrated how Mr. Obiora had made several attempts to sleep with her despite her constant rejection, yet to no avail. After weeks of persistence, he went over to her place to finish what he started but luckily the student came prepared.


She had earlier asked her neighbors to stay near her door in case he tried to make a move on her (they would be notified once she screams for help). When he attempted to assault her, she screamed, leading to the boys jumping on Mr. Obiora, while he hurriedly wore his clothes to avoid further shame.


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