Two Secondary School students Breaks DPO’s Head With Stone


A conflict between two secondary school students in Ogun State left a Divisional Police Officer, who drove cops to control the brutality, with a broken skull.

The two students of Egba Comprehensive High School and Asero High School in Abeokuta drew in each other in a fight on Monday.

The students flung stones and different rockets at themselves, obstructing the main street, establishing vehicular traffic, and strain among the occupants of the space.

It is as yet muddled what caused the battle between the two schools.

Yet, cops from the Obantoko Division driven by Ignatius Alimeke, a Superintendent of Police, endeavored to separate the fracas.

During the interaction, a missile arrived on Mr. Alimeke’s head.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the police representative in the state, affirmed the episode to the journalists.

He said the students of the two auxiliary schools were occupied with a battle and the police from the Obantoko station were called to assume responsibility for the circumstance.