Top five most paid goalkeepers in the world


5. Gianluigi Donnarumma

The Prominent Italian goalkeeper is number 5 on this rundown, he began his vocation with AC Milan while he was just 16. He showed such a lot of ability, showing up across all rivalries for the club.


Known for his rawness and poise, the 22-year-old was essential for the Italian crew that won the 2020 UEFA Championship. He joined Paris Saint Germain this year and has been shocking.

He is perhaps the most elevated worker, he gathers 213,000 which is N117.5 million consistently.

4. Thibaut Courtois

The Belgian star is viewed as probably the best goalkeeper on the planet at the present time. He has been playing for Real Madrid for certain years, after a stunning run at Chelsea and Atltico borrowed.


He joined the Spanish side in 2018 at 31.5 million and is really probably the best resource in the club. It is nothing unexpected that Courtois is probably the most noteworthy worker. He makes 230,000, which is N126.88 Million every week.

3. Manuel Neuer

Throughout the year The German has established his name in the core of fans, he is perhaps the best goalkeeper we have in European football today. After an astonishing spell at Schalke 04, he joined Bayern Munich in 2011.


Indeed, even at 35 years old, he actually jumps like nothing else. Neuer is likewise perhaps the most enlivened Goalkeeper, he has a noteworthy prize assortment.

He is one of the most generously compensated on the planet at this moment, he gathers a whooping 259,000, which is N142.8 Million every week.

2. Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak is no question perhaps the best goalkeeper on the planet, however he doesn’t get as much credit as he merits.

He joined Atltico Madrid back in 2014, at 14.4 million, and gradually rose to the top. His reflexes and shot-halting capacities make him genuinely amazing.


Additionally one of the most generously compensated goalkeepers, he gathers 271,000 consistently, which is N149.5 Million.

1. David De Gea

David De Gea can be supposed to be probably Europe’s best goalkeeper we have at the present time. He joined Manchester United in 2011, after a stunning spell at Athletico Madrid.

He has performed especially this season, saving the Red Devils a large number of games. He is the most generously compensated goalkeeper on the planet presently.

He is paid 375,000, which is N206.88