Tinubu’s Desperation For 2023 Presidency Revealed

Tinubu's Desperation For 2023 Presidency Revealed
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Tinubu’s despearation for 2023 presidency revealed. As the 2023 election draws closer, the interest of the presidential candidates becomes obvious. And while Nigerians clamor for a new and better Nigeria, the desperation of the ruling party, APC to continue its harm to Nigeria and Nigerians increases.

It’s unfortunately shameful that during the unveiling of Kashim Shettima as the vice presidential candidate of APC on Wednesday, July 20, Bola Tinubu and co rented a group of unidentified Christian clerics to impersonate the members of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN. This was to deceive Nigerians that the Christians are in support of the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

After the unveiling, Nigerians identified the personalities of some of these unknown bishops. One was identified as Ugo Ugokwe, who contested for the position of APC Deputy Youth Leader (South East) at the March 26 national convention. Another was identified as Jide who happens to be a tout in Oshodi, Lagos.

Tinubu’s Desperation For 2023 Presidency Revealed

While Amaru was identified as a mechanic, a Twitter user identified another as his taxi driver as he tweeted this: “this man on blue stone on his neck is my taxi driver, if I see him tomorrow, na beating straight up. Wait till I see him. How much APC gave you to do this? What APC did is very wrong and God will shame all of them”.

According to reports, there are only 4 female bishops across Nigeria and they include; Bishop Oluremi Ayotunde Obembe, Bishop Bola Adeleke, Bishop Peace Okonkwo, and Archbishop Margaret Idahosa. Then who was the female bishop among the attendees?

Furthermore, one of the rented bishops, Joseph Odaudu confessed that he was promised 100,000NGN but only 40,000NGN was paid after the impersonation.

There are many unanswered questions which include; why is Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, the presidential candidate of APC desperate to become the president of Nigeria? Why choose a Book Haram sponsor as a vice? Why desecrate the Christian community by hiring some unscrupulous based fellows as bishops?

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Recall that on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, the APC administration hired thugs to hijack the EndSARS protest. What manner of wickedness is this?

The candidates of other political parties should therefore set their eyes on the APC as their desperation is at its peak. They should not be mute but should protect the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.