Things you have to know about Crypto And Best Market Offer


By Ugochukwu Victor Udeh

CEO Of VIlex Exchange.

I am here to give brief crypto analysis you should know as a person. Every living being should know that crypto is going higher and higher and should be a knowledge everyone ought to know.

Your priority defines where you invest your time, energy and money.

People will easily buy things they don’t need, to impress people who don’t care but will hardly invest in themselves to get better.

If we must build a better future for ourselves, we must begin to prioritize things that enhance our vision.πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰
We must not hesitate to grab opportunities that help us develop ourselves.
We can become all we ever wanted.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the last month in the first quarter of the year what are your *priorities?*

Do they align with what you want to achieve?
If one of your goals this year is to start investing in Cryptocurrency,

Your first concern should not be HOW MUCH?

Your question should be WHICH ONE? *WHICH COIN?*

There are thousands of coins but not all are good investment choices
Just like stocks/shares….Investing in a coin is actually investing in a company

A project, vision, people, community. You need to be sure their heads are correct o

Gbasgbos is realπŸ˜‚
And if you’re looking for a Get-rich-quick scheme…Biko don’t do Crypto
You can put 100k into a coin that will dump within few months

Dump = Crash, gbasgbos, sapa πŸ˜„

And likewise you can put 10k and the coin will be worth 1M in months

No joke..It’s possible
Respect crypto
There are coins that give 1000,000 pieces for just 2k naira

There are some that your 100k will give you just 0.01 pieceπŸ˜‚

Either of them can make you chill with the big boys
It’s really about WHICH

Buy potential and recommended coins

If you bought shitcoins like SHIB, FEG, PITBULL, WAKANDA, BABYDOGE, FL,,OKI, etc. My advice.. don’t sell your bags o…Hold!

And when any does its pump, take profit. Then get more or in some cases, liquidate to get another coin. Wisdom.

PS…make sure you have enough pieces sha, for more meaningful profit. But sure, get the one you can and add up by and by
Plus….buy some alternative coins. Especially those that already own their blockchain.

Blockchain is simply the technology Cryptocurrencies, including NFTs, are bu on.

CEO Of Binance Statement

Coins like Solana, Ada, BNB, Eth, Algo, Tron, Dot, etc ..these widefinitelyely grow long term

PS: All I’ve mentioned is cretion and research (if you can)
Everything is *Risky*

The minute you were born it got *RISKY*

The primary aim of venturing into a business is to maa ke profit but b4 profit could be made, you gas be ever ready to take *RISKS*
Because the future of the business is quite uncertain.

Elon musk, JeBezoszos, Bill G, ate, etc are among the top richest men. They all started somewhere.
Kai I’ve given out premium value for free.

It’s okay once in a whileπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ. So that you can make some good investment choices.

Anyways, only those that know crypto can relate.

β€œInvest for the long haul. Don’t get too greedy and don’t get too scared.”

I hope the brief analysis has given you a great edge above others in the currency market?

If not, make more research and don’t be left out.