The Right Way To Vote For The Labour Party In Tomorrow’s Election To Aoid Void Votes


The right way to vote in tomorrow’s election to avoid void votes. The long-anticipated and eagerly-awaited 2023 presidential election is finally here. The election will take place tomorrow, as originally scheduled.


There is no doubt that tomorrow’s election would be the most significant one in Nigeria’s political history, as its outcome and results would bring about an everlasting positive change or a negative one.


The right way to vote in tomorrow’s election to avoid void votes. It is no longer news that since the candidate of the labour party, Peter Obi, indicated his interest to run for the presidential seat, he has since attained and attracted a large following to himself. And there are justifiable reasons for this.

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He is deemed a better candidate and option among his fellow contestants, as his past records and achievements while still in public office show that he is the right man to uplift Nigeria and save it from its current state of economic and political distress.


The right way to vote in tomorrow’s election to avoid void votes. Now, as tomorrow’s election draws nearer with each passing second and minute, how do we make sure that all the effort, campaigns, advertisements, and awareness that are all engineered towards making sure that the right man wins do not go in vain? We need to know how to vote in order for our votes to actually count.

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If you never knew before, it is known to you now that votes are made using fingerprints, especially the thumb, so how you place your thumb when voting determines if it counts or not. If you take a look at the picture below or above, you will see that placing your thumb horizontally on the space provided for you will result in a void vote as the print will surely exceed the territory of the provided box.


Therefore, to make a perfect vote, your print must be within the box, which requires that you position your thumb vertically on the space provided. That is how we must vote in tomorrow’s election to elect the man after our hearts. As we pray that there will be no occurrence of the events of the 1993’s Nigerian presidential election, remember to vote tomorrow. May our efforts not be in vain, and may our votes and decisions prevail.