The Reason Behind Father Mbaka’s Remark On Peter Obi

Father Mbaka Statement on Peter Obi

Peter Obi Is Stingy And Cannot Become President of Nigeria.

A Famous Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka has said that Peter Obi will never become the president of Nigeria.

Father Mbaka, the leader of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, made the statement at a prayer service held at his prayer ground on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Remember that Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, is a candidate for the presidency of Nigeria in the ‘Labour Party’.

Mbaka said Peter Obi was a man without a spirit of generosity, adding that “a gum-holder would never be a Nigerian President”.

“It is better to have a president who is a gifted old man than a young man with ‘gum’ hands.”

He went on to say that Abubakar Atiku – the PDP presidential candidate – has shown that he is ready to run for office because he and Peter Obi are no longer in the running.

“Peter Obi has a sore throat, he has nowhere to go … unless he kneels down on the Adoration altar.” Mbaka said.

Mbaka said Peter Obi had insulted the holy spirit.

He said he helped Peter Obi return to the governorship in Anambra state, “but he did not come to thank God”.

“Who doesn’t spend his money is what you want to support? Do you want people to starve?”

“If he becomes president, he will close our ministry.”

“If Igbo people are looking for a representative in Nigeria, they are not the kind of person Peter Obi is.”

Mbaka added: “Whoever refuses to donate to the church should he be the president?”

Father Mbaka Condemns Peter Obi’s Change of Party

He went on to say that this was how Peter Obi left the APGA and joined the PDP, despite all the support that Odumegwu Ojukwu had given him to become governor.

“I (Peter Obi) started with Ojukwu, in the middle of the night you released Ojukwu, released Igbo is Igbo, released APGA, joined the PDP,” Mbaka said.

“He has now defected to the Labor Party, and his presidency is over.”

“You know that there is nothing that students hate about ‘labour’ everyone supports labour ‘.”

“If he takes this position from APGA, we know he has people to replace him.”

In 2018, as Abubakar Atiku and Peter Obi hunters Mbaka said they would be ashamed because Peter Obi was ‘gum’ helping God.

Mbaka said this at the ‘harvest’ ceremony of the chapel he made that year.

Peter Obi and many other politicians attended the ceremony, but Peter Obi declined to name the money, but said he would choose one option for the Mbaka church.

But Mbaka said Peter Obi’s actions were an affront to God’s Holy Spirit.

He also said that Atiku and Peter Obi would lose the election because Obi did not have a gift spirit.

Father Mbaka later apologized to Peter Obi for what he had said about him, but as he spoke today Wednesday, the 15th of June 2022, he said that his apology was not sincere.

“I apologize to Peter Heart because the Bishop ordered me to apologize. As a Catholic priest, I am obliged to obey my Bishop.”

Mbaka explained that what happened that day in 2018 was that Peter Obi wanted to stay in his polling booth, but he refused.

He said: “Peter Obi wanted me to give him a chance to stay inside the shop and sell his business in Atiku, but I refused.”

“Several APC party members, including the governor of Ganduje of Kano state came here that day.”

“If Peter Obi starts talking about the PDP, will I give others a chance to come and speak for their party?”

The temple of God is not a political venue.”