The rate of pornography among little children


The rate of pornography among little children is now much. Going through social media one could find a lot of bad reports.

Save the future now.

Technology is good, technology is pretty but the majority of teens and adults are using it wrongly.


Ryan Roslansky CEO of Linkedin was able to create this awesome platform with the aid of technology.


Bill Gates, Dara Khosrowshahi and so many others made good things with aid of technology. He never did this to increase the rate of pornography among little children.


I am sorry to say this; the rate of pornographic content, desire, and acts amongst teens or under-aged has gone beyond a bar chart (unmeasurable).


A few days ago, My Dad saw two 6 to 10 years olds, kids, from a historic building lying on each other nude, when caught, they said: “We learned it from our parents”.


Another ugly incident happened, in a primary school, where two kids were caught doing the same thing (nude). One of them was interrogated, he said, “I saw it from a movie during the short holiday”.


Lastly, there is a viral video of more than 10 teens dancing without any clothes in public to win money. The most annoying part is that I saw a lot of children from age 4 to 18, watching the scene, clapping, and smiling for those unashamed teens and organizers.


My Questions are:

1. Where are sanity, decency, and integrity?

2. What will be the future of these young teens?

Opinion: I Will Never Send My Children To A Boarding School

Cases of rape are increasing rapidly.

We have a lot to do. Some parents are not worthy to be called parents.

I don’t know how to save these current trends, because they are becoming addicted to such acts.

TikTok now served as a place settlement for them increasing the rate of pornography which is very bad.


The policy of the parent control system is very weak on some social media.

Thanks to Linkedin for maintaining the good pace.


I wish that this message will add value to parents and adults in saving our future.


Let’s save the world, Technology is to be used wisely. The rate of pornographic activities among children is very high these days. And from all indications, it seems parents are factors in its growth.

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