The Outcome Of The Football Match Of Class 2020 C.I.C Enugu


As soon as it was 1:30 pm the match began, and the referee signaled the kick-off.

The match went on smoothly as a winger from the art class gave a crossing and it was chest trapped and shot into the net of the science class and the goalkeeper didn’t get a chance to save the ball.

It was a goal as the referee blew the whistle and the art class celebrated their goal by Ejiofor Alex Makuochukwu in the 14′ minute.

The referee kept the ball moving after the celebration as the left-winger from art gave a crossing and Makuochukwu saw the ball coming towards him. He scored a volley in the 28′ minute and there celebrated again.

The referee kept the ball moving again as the science picked up possession and scored against the art in the 32′ minute.

The Referee kept the pace moving as another player from science shot and the goalkeeper didn’t get a chance to reach the ball and it was a goal.

The referee called off the first half and the players got some rest and retreated for 10 minutes and came back for the second half.

The referee signaled the pace of the ball and a player from the art pulled down a science player and a free kick is to be taken. The player pulled the ball at an angle of 90° towards the art post and it was a goal (55′).

The Art Team

The referee kept the ball moving again as the winger from science pulled a crossing and it was knocked out by the goalkeeper another player raced up to the ball and pulled it into the net once more and it was a goal6′).

The referee signaled play and an art player moved the ball forward and dribbled passed the midfielders.

And got a chance for a clear shot and destroyed the net with a nasal shot which was dodged by the goalkeeper and it was a goal(77′). Science had 4 goals now and art had 3 goals too.

FIFA 2022 World Cup Group Is Set

The referee calls back to play and a player from science nwobodo Kinsley got a chance for a better shot and destroyed the bar post with a knuckle shot It hit the bar and entered that’s off the woodwork and it was a goal(88′).

Taking pictures after the match

Science has 5 goals now and art has 3 goals now and the referee called an end to the game after the fourth official has indicated 3 minutes of stoppage time.

The match ended at 3:56 pm.
After the match and celebration.

The match officials gave silver medals to the art and gold medal 🏅 to the science team. Certificates and cash awards were given.

The highest goal scorer(Ejiofor Alex 3 goals), the best goalkeeper (Ezema Kingsley), and the most industrious and generous personality of the year 2021 (ugwuanyi onyebuchi), a most active member of the club (Ossai Philip).

The financial Muscle of the match ( Nnadi Kingsley) and the best football player( Nwobodo Kinsley) as everyone celebrated and departed by 5 pm.

Reviews From The Audience

1. Deputy Senior Perfect 2021 Set C.I.C Enugu. Egbo Kingsley T.
The thing was much more srs than expected sha, the match was good but art had more opportunities in the first half but became tired in the second half.

2. Games Perfect 2018 Set, Comrade Chidiebere.

You guys are doing well. Nana send me pictures abeg
And video😂

The match ended in praises and jubilation as member jubilates.

Don’t forget, a member of the 2020 set, Okoye Miracle gave a whooping sum of 5k to each of the players that merited an award which they are six in number.