The Fate of The UNN Student Who Danced Naked As The Video Goes Viral


The news trending on all social media handles is that of a 100 level student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka who was found on a video dancing naked to get a cash price of Ten Thousand Naira.

This happened on the 28th of October, 2021 in front of one of the school’s girls’ hostels. And the girl is yet to be found by the school authority.

Many comments came from people on the action of the said girl. Some criticized her action whereas some said that it’s a normal thing that is well known among youths. Due to the high level of the spread of the girl’s immoral actions, according to the school, she was expelled based on it. She posed a great question to the motto of the University of Nigeria Nsukka as a school that awards certificates based on character and in learning and the restoring of the integrity of man is on the question too.

The decision of the school was questioned and many reacted to it saying that the lady should have been given another chance as a new student who is yet to know more about the school’s moral ethics and as a 100level student of the school.

A well-known celebrity Gustavo responded to the intention of the school that the girl didn’t kill anyone that the economy of our country Nigeria is bad and she should not be expelled for just no reason and that the girl should forward her account details.

To our greatest surprise, the girl who should be in a state of mourning is now moving viral as a celebrity and an important personality after the school pronouncement on the girl.

The Student Union Government of UNN is pleading with the school to reverse their pronouncement on the girl.

What do you have to say about the action of the girl and what is the possible punishment for such person? Was the school correct on the measure they took?