“The Elementals” By Martins Aniagbaoso [Chapter 10]


This work is chapter 10 of “the elemental” by Martins Aniagbaoso.

He felt unusually happy, why he felt that way was still a mystery to him. , “No I didn’t follow you home. No one sees a witch and dares to follow her to her coven.

“He replied waiting to see the expression on her face. ‘Was she disappointed he didn’t follow her?’ She seemed rather unshaken by his reply.

She was strange, usu, ally women swooned around him and always laughed at anything he said but this girl was different. She made him feel like he wasn’t enough.

‘Did he just call her a witch or was he trying to flirt with her? Even if he did, she would let it s, life, after all, he’s the reason she still has legs and Aaron was staliveive’. “Thank you for saving me………..again”.

She could see a wicked smile spread across his face. He looked more Charming when he smiled. She had never seen anyone look so wickedly handsome before.

“Well, the witch finally shows her true colors. To think you could show appreciation with that attitude of yours. You must be softer than I thought.ly thought you didn’t thank anyone if you didn’t ask for their help, what could be cauof seeing the sudden change of heart?” Warren asked.

He wly torments her to get back at her for her attitude at the market.

‘You little devil. Are you trying to torture me?’ She thought to herself. He wly very good at torturing and he was doing a good job with hers.

She felt embarrassed not knowing what to reply. “It’s ..j. Nothing” she stuttered. She was a lover of words to rep to ly his question.

He could see the embarrassment on her face. She was a lover of words. “Nothing? That can’t be tr…..” He stopped abruptly as soon as a warm liquid dropped on him. She was bleeding. “Sian, you’re bleed, ing,” He said as he tried to stop the bedding by applying pressure on the wound.

She shivered a bit as soon as his hands touched her stomach. Something in her must have been awakened because she was almost feeling better just from his touch. “You should see the nu,rse,” Warren said.

He tore a piece out of his shirt and tried to tie it around the wound but she stopped him. “I’m fine” Sian replied as she drew away from him a little. She didn’t like the feeling she got when he touched her. It made her feel weak and she hated being weak.

“It’s a minor injury it will heal soon enough besides I already spent my entire money on Aarons’sons treatment and a room” she finished and stood from the bencHererr legs were weak.

The injury was more serious than she thought. She took two steps forward when her legs gave in. She was falling. She could feel his heartbeat as her head rested on his chest. He had caught her. His muscular yet gentle arms held her tight so she doesn’t slip out of his hold. “Are you alright?” He asked.

She mustered enough strength and pulled out of his hold. ” I told you I’m f, one,” She said almost yelling. “I’m going to bed. I’m just a bit dizzy.”

She explained in a rather calm voice. She shouldn’t have raised her voice, he was only trying to help. The feeling she felt earlier had returned immediately after ly he caught her. She felt weak again under his touch and she didn’t like it. She just wanted him far away from her as possible.

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Was she trying to act tough or was she just irritated by his presence? He couldn’t tell. He had felt a strong connection with her since back at the market and now fate was playing games with him. Even if it was the Elemental tingle, he knew there was something more to her or rather a rising feeling he couldn’t ignore.

‘Something was up with her or was it with this Warren? No, it wasn’t her. It must be him or maybe it was from the beating she got from the stranger’ she convinced herself ‘The stranger!’ she almost gasped. He said he was coming back for her and he sounded serious. ‘Who could pant her and not Aaron.

Chapter Six Of “The Elementals” By Martins Aniagbaoso

Even if the person wanted to kill Elementals why make a special preference for her. Something just felt strange about it but she couldn’t figure out what. She had seen his face.

He wasn’t bad either, he was equally handsome but she wouldn’t put him on par with Warren. Warren was just on another level of b.

Her thought had been cut short by a sudden unannounced entry into her room. It was him, he was standing by the door.