The Director of information UNN Speaks On The Scheduled Protest

Director of information UNN Speaks on the scheduled protest.

It is no longer news that the Student Union Government of the University of Nigeria Nsukka UNN has made an open declaration to protest over the ASUU strike.

The protest is scheduled to be on the 12th of May 2022 according to the press release.

The decision to join the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) in carrying out a peaceful demonstration is very necessary.

All meaning students of UNN should come out in mass to join this demonstration.

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Most of the students have placed analyses and some have condemned the idea of protest. To this, the Director of information for the students, Comrade Marcellinus Onwe has explained in full the details of the proposed peaceful demonstration.

Director of information Standing with Prof.Timothy Nwala
Words of the SUG, Director of information, Onwe Marcellinus O.

He states clearly after our reporters asked a question on the necessity of the protest proposed.

“We are all not blind to the facts. We have all seen the efforts of all National student Associations, Private and public organizations, but all yielded no positive results.

It is very clear that we have been neglected and it seems the education that we claim to be our right is now something that we are constantly denied by people in the position of power.

The protest may make a little impact or may not cause an immediate change to our current predicament. But we want our voices to be heard.

And we also want to use our media as a tool to join the voices of our sister Universities, who have hit the streets to show their anguish in this time of Strike.

We have made appeals/had meetings with people in positions of power to see if something can be done, but still no results, we have not been quiet, but it’s time we do a demonstration of our own.

Let Nsukka know that her students are not happy. Freedom sometimes comes by struggle. People in positions of leadership would better understand this.

As for the security of the students coming out to protest. We plan on having a peaceful protest/demonstration nevertheless provisions would be made for security personnel to be made available.

Let’s join hands and make this massive and also encourage our colleagues who are around the environs of the University to come out in numbers for this movement.

General Conclusion on the scheduled protest as said by the Director of information UNN.

In summary, there is a need for this peaceful demonstration. If not now, later in the future.

Security of the students is assured going by the words of the Director of information, SUG UNN, Comr. Marcellinus Onwe.

To this end, students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, who love and appreciate education should come out in mass as we fight to get the best out of this. And we believe our cry will be heard.

The name ” UNN students protested ” will trigger a lot of changes and make the government do something about this issue.

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The director of information UNN has given full reasons for the protest reinstating hope for Nigerian Students.