The Chapter Seven Of “The Elementals” By Martins Aniagbaoso


He must think highly of himself for him to have his attention on her when under attack’ she thought. ‘He might actually be more dangerous than he seems’. Fear set into her as heard the sounds of metal clashing against each other. She wanted to help Aaron but she knew she would only slow him down. All she could do for now was to stay outside of the cottage and pray and hopeanswers her.

The stranger was skilled, but Aaron still felt him holding back. They were evenly matched so far, it was evident that each of them had honed their fighting skills to almost perfection throughout the years. Aaron made a downward slash at his feet but he was quick to jump. He made a summersault backward onto the wall and using it as a boost, propelled himself forward at Aaron, his blade held out in front. ‘He is fast’ Aaron thought as he turned the flat side of his blade to deflect the attack. He seemed to defy gravity because he threw at least three attacks at Aaron in mid-air. “I underestimated you” Aaron confessed. He had been grazed on the shoulder but the stranger was still in good health. He caught Sian’s peering eyes through the door. She had worry and fear in her eyes. He took a deep breath and gave her a reassuring look before turning to face his opponent. He felt someone behind him, he had let his guard down for only a brief moment and the stranger had taken complete advantage of the situation. His speed was impeccable Aaron confessed. He made a prompt bend just before the blade swept over his head giving him an unpaid haircut. The stranger was fully on the offensive and he was doing a bad job on the defense. His attacks were ruthless and most of them got to him. He let his guard down for just a second and the course of the battle had changed entirely. He took a kick to the face and another to the stomach. He staggered backward, trying to regain his balance. The stranger’s speed was overwhelming, he had reached him in split seconds and had delivered an elbow strike to his face throwing him completely off balance. He crashed down onto the table which broke down to the floor. He made attempts to stand but another kick sent him down again. He felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen. His warm blood soaked his shirt as he stared into the stranger’s eyes. Mustering enough strength, he pulled himself out from the blade and clutched his bleeding torso. Sian had already raced into the cottage the moment he was stabbed. “Stop!” He screamed at her. He didn’t want her to see him like this. It would give her the impression of hopelessness. If he couldn’t protect her then her life was as good as over. “Leave now!” He shouted yet again when it seemed like she wasn’t listening. The stranger was already walking up to grab her. She couldn’t fight him, he was way above her league.

She looked at him, surprised at the man she was looking at, his eyes had turned red, she could see flames in them, was he going against his vow just to protect her? Now she felt useless.