The Anglican Communion have always struggled with controversy regarding homosexuality in the church.

In 1998, the 13th Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops passed a resolution rejecting homosexual practice as incompatible with the scriptures thereby aligning with the book of Lev 18:22.

However, many provinces, mostly from the global south and many active Anglicans worldwide, have responded to these theological controversies by declaring a state of impaired communion with their western counterparts. Minority groups in western provinces have stated their opposition to what they consider un- scriptural acts by the churches in England,Canada etc.

Church Of England Cowers, Apologises For Condemning LGBT

More so, since 2000, some conservative Global South provinces have appointed missionary Bishops to the United States and Canada to provide pastoral oversight to alienated Anglicans. Despite the fact that the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada view this process as an unlawful invasion of their territories, conservative Anglicans argued that these incursions were necessary because these churches had failed to uphold orthodox teachings regarding human sexuality,


It is therefore a thing so shameful and abhorred that the archbishop heading up to 165 churches stood tall to apologize for condemning Lgbt, a heinous act that deeply unsettles the moral norms and values of Earthlings existence.

The Arch bishop should therefore be aware of his actions as it is very degrading of him to use his dignified position in misleading the people and World at large.