Tanko’s Award By Nigeria Government Is Undeserving

Tanko's Award By Nigeria Government Is Undeserving


The Federal Government of Nigeria’s conferment of a controversial national award on the immediate past Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Mohammed has continued to draw criticisms from well-meaning Nigerians in the run-up to the 2023 elections.

Tanko, who dramatically frog-leapt three more competent seniors to power in 2019, on the heel of a politically-motivated witch hunt against his predecessor, Justice Onnoghen, became the biggest success of Buhari’s nepotism.

A sub-literate, Tanko would go on to become the country’s first Sharia-trained Chief Justice. Within the first six months of office, the puppet Tanko rose to the bidding of the APC ruling party cabal, quashing all claims of fraud and solidifying Buhari’s victory in an election widely marked as the most corrupt and violent in the last two decades.

Even with a swarm of corruption and mismanagement allegations tainting the reputation of the office, 68-year-old Tanko appeared unfazed as he continued to channel billions of dollars towards funding the brutal takeover of the house and senate seats by his two sons.

Earlier this year, in the heat of thickening plots, to prosecute the Chief Justice cum serial offender, Tanko abruptly quit service citing health concerns as his reason, and by extension preserving all rights and entitlements due.  With this national award, speculations continue to solidify that Tanko’s political frolicking with base fellows at Aso Rock —Nigeria’s seat for government— is still strong.

Following the failure of the present government to quell corruption, nepotism and the destruction of law, justice, and democracy, it behoves Nigerians to eradicate purveyors of bad governance through the power of their PVC come 2023.