Supporters of Peter Obi Rejoices As They Meet Him In Abuja

10 Important Facts You Must Know About Peter Obi's Running Mate, Datti Baba - Ahmed
10 Important Facts You Must Know About Peter Obi's Running Mate, Datti Baba - Ahmed- Hez News

Supporters of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, have recently expressed excitement after meeting him at the Abuja Airport. In a video shared by Obedient TV, Peter Obi can be seen with the party’s Governorship candidate of Osun State, Honourable Lasun Yussuff, exchanging gratitude with many of his fans and supporters, which made them delighted.

Remember that there was a story yesterday that Peter Obi visited Ibrahim Babangida, a former military leader, in his hometown as a gesture of goodwill to enlist his support for the upcoming presidential election.

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The man filming the video stated that the people at the airport were happy Peter Obi was there and that everyone present at the airport was Obidients (supporters of Peter Obi.

Many people who saw this video were amazed as they reacted positively to the post, while others gave their thoughts and opinions on what they saw.

Peter Obi arrived and his Vice, Baba-Ahmed Yusuf will be interviewed by CNN on the 13th of August 2023. This interview is geared towards their credible records and massive support from Nigerians.

So many recommendations and good reports have been brought to the CNN desk, endorsing Peter Obi to run for the office of the presidency in 2023. Excitement and jubilation from his supporters as he has gotten International recognition following his pursuit in politics.