Stories: Life Outside Social Media

Stories: Life Outside Social Media
Stories: Life Outside Social Media

By Anugom C.


Who are you at that moment your phone is not receiving any notifications? when your messages aren’t replied fast enough. Who do you become outside social media?
In as much as technology brought us breakthroughs, it also brought with it disasters of a sort.

We now live in a world where one’s worth is measured by how many people follow them on Instagram and Tiktok, how many retweets they usually get on Twitter or likes on Facebook, even the type of phone they use. People these days especially young people will go any length to join the newest trend, buy the latest clothes and phones.

They let social media dictate their lives.
But what we have refused to accept is just how fake social media is. Pictures you see of people, houses ,the travels and all that may be a lie.

This is where the pressure comes in, the desire to be like what you see online, to have the same number of followers, the same type of body and loads of money to be going on vacation too.

You do exactly what these people say they do, you try to make your body like theirs, eating little or no food ,bleach your skin, even over- exercising. You work very hard to make that much money also, many resort to fraud even, you take so many pictures, trying to get a whole lot of followers.

But you may not know is that those people you look up to get liposuction to look how they do, they use steroids and all sorts of body building chemicals. They will never tell you that half their followers are bots that they paid for, never tell you the real secret behind their money, or how they photo shop to make it look like they are on vacation.

You put yourself under unnecessary pressure to be what doesn’t even exist. Then the depression sets in, you begin to see yourself as a failure, why don’t you have a house and car at 19? Why isn’t your stomach flat enough, your muscles huge enough?

Why can’t you have a million followers too and go on vacation every week. Setting unrealistic goals in a real world, beating yourself up for not achieving standards that do not exist.

Now you must know, life outside social media is the same for everyone. Skin has texture here in the real world, there are no filters out here.

People find it hard to even feed so stop saying everyone is rich and better than you because I assure you they are not. Set realistic goals.

Your stomach must not be flat as paper, your muscles must not be so huge before you know you are fit, you must not get millions of followers today or next week, building takes time and even if you don’t achieve a great number of followers on the gram, be happy with the real friends you have got.

Don’t get depressed because you don’t have what others claim to have on social media. You are beautiful, worthwhile and above all you are enough.

Learn to live outside social media. Notice the world around you, attach yourself to people who show you a good time with or without cameras.

Learn to love you because life on social media is all about studio lights, photo shopping and lies . None of which are needed in the real world .

Get a hobby, learn to keep yourself company, add value to the real you and not the social media you, learn to live. Live beautifully, live outside the pressure and depression. Live outside Social Media.