Songs of Aaladin

Songs of Aaladin
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Latest Jam Released Today By “Aaladin” on Audiomack as he celebrates his birthday today being 29th July 2022.

Aaladin has so many albums as a young talented upcoming music star.

The first music is “MINE” which speaks on love using an image of Valentine’s Day exhibitions as love is pictured romantically.

The second song is “My QUESTION”. This song depicts a question of love that every lover is expected to answer to keep a relationship or a bond of love stronger and create believability among others.

Aaladin’s third song was where he featured ” Assa” they produced a song titled ” International Something”. The song has a big story to tell as it connotes to a country independence life and culture. International Something by Assa and Aaaladin has a lot to tell and keeps the soul living.

The current one is “British Felony”. The name alone has to tell you what the song is all about.

Kindly use the links below to stream all his songs. From all indications, Aaladin is powered by God in music and his fans pray for him to be recognised by top music stars who would sign him and pick him up.
Another special thing about him is that he can compose and write music under 30 minutes. He also compose music for people and get paid.

The below is a rascal we must stream to keep our body and spirit going. There are so many reviews on his performance in music.

British Felony

My Question


International Something