Soludo Utterance Against Peter Obi Is A Total Disgrace

Peter Obi's votes 'll come from Twittter says Atiku group
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Nigeria had Lagos as capital of the nation for more than two decades yet all infrastructural developments of the state are now been attributed to Bola Tinubu who became Governor for just 8years (1999 to 2007). Despite the contributions of Fashola and even Ambode who did wonderfully well and was denied second term by Tinubu has never talked against Tinubu.

Atiku worked in Customs and became Vice President for 8years (1999 to 2007). Adamawa state Governor has never for insulted him or made derogatory comment against him.

Peter Obi became Governor of Anambra State when the state was in shambles. He moved the educational status of Anambra from 26th to 1st position under WAEC and NECO. He cleared all the accumulated pensions, gratuities and salaries, yet he did not borrow a dime for the 8years he was Governor. Anambra had one of the best road networks in Nigeria under Peter Obi.

On the day he was leaving office, he was not owing any salary, pension, gratuity or supplier, yet left almost N75billion for his successor. Even Taraba State Governor Darius Ishaku confirmed Willie Obiano told him he built the Anambra airport with the money Peter Obi saved. Since Obi left office, he has not collected a dime from the State government while his colleagues in other states are getting huge sums every month.

Soludo, please what is Peter Obi’s offence? Some Governors leave unimaginable debts for their successors but Obi left investments yet you are castigating him. Many Nigerians bought shares when you were CBN Governor, today those shares are worth absolutely nothing. Are you to be blamed or or the present government that destroyed the economy of the country? Why have you decided to continuously attack Peter Obi?

This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that a man from South East is so much loved by almost every part of the country and you are trying to tarnish his image.

Can you vehemently accuse Obi of stealing a dime from Anambra? The answer is capital No. Why are you indulging in this calous act of blackmail? Take a look at the massive crowd receiving Peter Obi all over the country wherever he visits. Peter Obi is not perfect like any other politician but nigerians are not looking for a Saint as President.

Matchless Reasons To Support Peter Obi’s Movement Come 2023

They simply desire a man who is ready to do the rught thing and move the nation forward. Since Obi left office, no financial crime institution in Nigeria or outside Nigeria has accused him of any wrong doing let alone inviting him for questioning.

Some other Presidential candidates have a lot of dirty allegations about them, yet you’ve not critized them. Please, let Peter Obi be. He is a national project and the Youths of Nigeria want to take their country back through Peter Obi.

If you are not supporting him because you are in another political party, simply focus on your party’s candidate and leave Peter Obi alone.

Note that Nigerians are watching your achievements in Anambra State and let it be clear, you have not done anything indicative of a serious leader in Anambra and the people hope to see the legacy you’ll leave to be compared with that of Obi.
A new Nigeria is coming in 2023 and Nigeria shall have a true leader. A word is enough for the wise.