Scholarship Opportunities To Study In International Universities

How to Get International Scholarships: The Ultimate Guide
How to Get International Scholarships: The Ultimate Guide.

Scholarship Opportunities To Study In International Universities.

It’s no news that Nigeria does not value education. Apart from the consistent strike that has become an annual occurrence in the higher institutions, there’s also the problem of insufficient teachers, equipment, no infrastructure,e.t.c in Secondary and Primary Schools too.

The way Nigeria handles education has made it’s young citizens believe in made up sayings like ‘School na Scam’or ‘School is for the Rich’. Sayings like this have become a new norm, killing all hope for the ever talented Scholars that Nigeria have. In Situations like this, it is normally advised to look for greener pastures.

The greener pastures being an offer to study abroad, But for a Common Man, studying abroad may be just a dream due to the amount of money involved. That is why this article is for you, There are Scholarship Opportunities nobody has ever told you about that will provide you with a ticket out of the country to a better one to pursue better education. Regardless of the degree you want, gender, money involved or even most cases academic prowess.


Most countries in the world offer a chance for foreign students to learn from their Scholars no matter the level one is in School. Although here, I’ll be listing the most popular and easy countries a Nigerian can get admission to School in.
_ Germany
_United Kingdom
_ United States of America
_ Norway
Germany, a country located in North Central Europe is ranked among the world’s top destination for International students. The Scholarship Opportunities offered by Germany is tremendous and uncountable. They are very receptive of foreign Students which has resulted in both Governmental and Non-governmental Scholarship Funds. The most popular of all of them include:
_DAAD Scholarship.

The requirements for this particular one is that one must have a bachelor’s degree before hoping to be considered for a scholarship. It is for those looking to further their education after their first degree.
_Heinrich Böll Foundation is for every level of study.
_Erasmus Scholarship Foundation
_ Friedrich Ebert Stifling Foundation.
There are more than 500 Scholarship Opportunities that Germany provides for international students. It’s very accommodating and welcoming of foreign students making sure that a full-time student is not burned with any national taxes of any kind. Germany is well known for its academic success in courses like Computer Sciences, Business, Economics and Mathematics. Although it offers every course you may think of in it’s Universities.

The United Kingdom is located in Mainland Europe. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These countries have a lot of learning institutions between them.

Making the United Kingdom one of the most educated regions in the World. Their Most used Scholarship Opportunities are;
_Chevening Scholarship (For People who already have Bachelor’s degree).
_ Prime Minister Scholarship Program
_ KEI Scholarship Program
_ Post Matric Scholarship Program ( For Secondary School Students)
More Scholarship Programs in UK can be found in UKCISA(United Kingdom Council for International Student Affair)

The United Kingdom is quite receptive of Foreign students also, offering them the most comfortable accommodation and top notch security. This is considered the safest place to study.
The United Kingdom has very well learned teachers in all fields of study, it still stands out for its Engineering, Economics, Business studies, Arts and designs education and Computer Sciences.


This is a country found in the Northern Part of America. It consists of 50 states that focus on all sorts and manner of Education.

It is very generous in giving of Scholarships to deserving foreign students as it is Known as the World’s Power.

Their Scholarship Opportunities are;
_Knight Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University
_ AAVW international fellowship Scholarship funds
_Hubert Fellowship
_University of Oregon Scholarship
_Wesleyan University Scholarship.
These few offer full ride Scholarship ( Fully funded Scholarships) to every student at every level across every country or continent in the world. The USA offers opportunities in all fields of study but their strengths lie in Social sciences, health sciences, psychology and biological sciences. It is considered to have the most institutions of learning in the world.

Medical Scholarship For International Students


Also a country in North America, Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is considered the world’s largest country. It is also one of the most educated countries in the world with over 90% of it’s citizens educated as of 2015.An outstanding Characteristic of Canada is the Free Education for all in the Public School System. Canada stands as one of the best countries in education all around the World. Some popular Scholarship Programs here include;

Government of Canada international Scholarship Program
_ Vanier Canada graduate Program
_ Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundations (Doctorate Scholarships)
Canadian Scholarship are fully funded. The best courses in Canada are; Health Science and Technology, Media and journalism and Pharmacy. Although every other discipline of study are available in Canada.

Norway is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. It has the best Schools in the World. It offers free education for Citizens and even international Students. Norway is surrounded by beautiful mountains and beautiful glaziers.

It is quite a beautiful country and people with great aesthetic desires usually find schooling in Norway a great pleasure.The Scholarship Programs offered by Norway are;
_University of Oslo Scholarship Funds
_Norwegian University of science and technology Scholarship program.
_NORMAN Scholarship Program
_ High North Fellowship Program
_Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme.
Norway is well- versed in these field of study; Marine and Maritime intelligence, Aquaculture, Biology and Marine robotics.


It is advised to seek professional help when seeking for a scholarship especially one to study abroad some tips that may help you in your quest.

Register: This is usually done by completing an online form or just an ordinary form. When this is done, keep check your emails to know when you get a feedback.

Make sure to write an extensive personal statement or essay explaining who you are, your experiences and your ambitions

Get Official proof of any and all academic achievement, athletic or artistic achievements. Also some may require your proof of nationality. Make sure all of these are ready and at your beep and call.

Whatever it is that you are sending to the Scholarship providers, make sure to proofread them, ensure everything down to the letters of your name are in order and correct.

_ Make sure you do not make any mistakes at any of these points to avoid looking like an unserious person before the Scholarship providers.

Luckily HEZ News and Media offers professional help to anyone seeking an opportunity to study abroad as we run an online Scholarship Program. Do not fail to contact us for more information or questions. As a win for one is a win for all.