Residents Capture And Flog Youth Found Taking Mkpurimmiri In Anambra State


By Edward Emmanuel 

In a bid to stop the utilization of a hard medication prominently known as ‘Mkpurummiri’ (Ice) locally, the inhabitants of Nteje Abogu in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State have started capturing all hard medication (Mkpurummiri) sellers and shoppers in their area.


As indicated by the report coming from Nteje, scores of young fellows have been captured by the residents over their contribution to the illegal medications called “Mkpurummiri”.

This hard medication has made more mischief than anything the adolescents of the Igbo land, and hence, every suspect associated with the purchasing and selling of Mkpurummiri is being captured in most Anambra Neighborhood. Mkpurummiri seems as though an ice block, and some of the time it can seem blue. The utilization of Mkpurummiri has made numerous adolescents go into violations like furnished burglary, abducting, killing, cultism, etc. Ice, as it is affectionately called, has turned into a genuine danger, and it should be killed by our general public.


Like every unlawful medication, there are various secondary effects to Mkpurummiri’s buyers. We approach the Igbo adolescents to avoid Mkpurummiri.