Queen of England Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Queen of England's picture


Teeming crowds and union jacks. The streets of London came alive with both, as friends, fans, and fanatics of the royal family flocked to Buckingham Palace to glimpse Her Majesty. It was the platinum jubilee celebration of the Queen—70 years since the young princess Elizabeth succeeded her father, King George.
The Queen, at 96 years, is already England’s longest reigning monarch and is poised to become Europe’s longest-reigning monarch in two years.

Ceremonies like these do well to resuscitate that pleasant feeling of national pride and a long-lost sense of decency and decorum.

No slutty looking outfits, no skimpy-looking dresses, and no raggedy-looking makeovers were tolerated within the vicinity of Buckingham’s royalty. This stands in stark contrast to the millions of Christian worshippers who derive pleasure in donning seductive, revealing, and crass outfits to church, and are easily offended by instructions for correction.

Queen Elizabeth’s Characteristics As The Queen of England

The living Queen proudly represents an era where decency is held in high regard. A time when women jealously guarded their dignity and are publicly scolded rather than ruthlessly idolized for daring to extol nudism. We observe an impressive level of compliance amongst all tourists, Britons, and guests from America and beyond. No one—not even the star celebrities and body positivity ambassadors knew to champion nudity—dare disgrace themselves by exposing their bodies in the presence of the Queen.

Receding from the cloggy nebula of royal pomp and gait, it becomes easy to appreciate Queen Elizabeth as a woman of higher principles, of impeccable candor, of unwavering devotion to the golden values of yore.

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That the Queen has seen it all: WW I & II, the Korean War, Cold War, and more recently, Brexit; done it all: headed the commonwealth, promoted decolonization, kept a faithful marriage, weathered through problematic children, championed gender equality for royalty—and can be fairly said to have it all, yet maintain the elegance of decency in conduct speech and appearance stands as a towering lesson to the reckless generation of today.

Only people who have nothing to lose fancy being too loose.

Today the world is on its head from the way it was in the youthful days of Queen Elizabeth. People have no battles to fight, so they choose to fight rational reasoning.

There’s no more freedom to gain, so people resort to enslaving themselves. Parents become terrible examples to children. Decadence is enthroned and immorality is widely celebrated.

May the Queen live longer than the length of the piece.
And may the life of her Majesty forever remain an inspiring example or a tormenting assessment for anyone who chooses decency or decadence.