Prof.Daddy Hezekiah Advices FG; The masses are suffering, shun privatization of key Industries

Prof. Daddy Hezekiah Advices the FG, and warns FG on the suffering of the masses, highlighting different factors and their bad governance. Shun Privatization of key industries, ASUU Strike and others.

General Overwiew of His Advice.

A mighty man of God ,Prof.Daddy Hezekiah has taken to the press the ills of Nigerian leadership and their flaws which affect the entire citizen. The masses are suffering, equip general hospitals, shun privatization of key industries, he boldly said on the 17th of April 2022 at his church administrative headquarters in Onitsha of Anambra State, Nigeria.

In his statements, he highlighted major points which are; the poor state of our general hospital, privatization of key industries in Nigeria, insecurity, ASUU Strike, Bad Roads, Hunger, and other important areas. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah Advices the FG.


Coming to the idea of the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari planning to privatize NNPC ,has been dismissed as not only dangerous but a deliberate act to perpetuate the sufferings of the masses in Nigeria.
To the leader of the Living Christ Mission, the negotiation of privatization of NNPC if approved would further escalate the plight of the Nigerians.
Daddy Hezekiah said that it was dangerous for Federal Government to privatize areas that leave no alternatives to the public which he enlists among others like energy and power.
He said he has no problem with Federal Government privatizing agencies like Airways and NIPOST whose alternatives are not farfetched.

On a general note, he elaborates more on the quality of our leaders. He made it clear that he is not against any political party but will not support any leadership gotten through rigging. Let the 2023 election be free and fair.



The deteriorating state of our roads has led to the kidnap, assassination, and death of so many citizens. The level of insecurity in Nigeria is so high. Let the government do something about this issue and protect the lives of its people.

Prof.Daddy Hezekiah

The man of God went further pleading to the federal government to act as if they went to school. What is there to fulfill the demand of ASUU? As far as I am concerned, ASUU demand is not much. The more our students stay at the home, the more crime increases which brings violence to society. Let our students return to school to avoid crimes.

In all, let government shun the plan to privatize key industries in Nigeria. Look into ASUU Strike and let our students return to school. The rate of insecurity is much too. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah Advices the FG.