President Of Ukraine Appreciates Elon Musk For Providing Internet To Some Destroyed Cities In Ukraine


The Ukrainian president said he was appreciative to Musk for supporting his country with both ‘words and deeds’
President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed gratitude toward Elon Musk for setting up his Starlink satellite web access for “annihilated urban communities” in the country.

The Ukrainian president said he was “appreciative” to the world’s most extravagant person for supporting Ukraine with both “words and deeds,” as the Russian intrusion proceeds.

Recently, SpaceX’s Starlink satellites became functional over Ukraine, assisting with furnishing residents of blockaded urban communities with web, the Independent reports. Putin’s assault of urban areas the nation over proceeds, with many left without web and telephone association.

President Zelensky likewise affirmed that the Tesla organizer would send more satellites to Ukraine, and that the pair had examined conceivable space projects for what’s to come.

In a tweet, the president expressed: “Conversed with @elonmusk. I’m thankful to him for supporting Ukraine with words and deeds.

“One week from now we will get one more bunch of Starlink frameworks for obliterated urban areas. Talked about conceivable space projects. Be that as it may, I’ll discuss this after the conflict.”