President Buhari Lifts Ban on Twitter With Expensive Conditions


President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he had coordinated the lifting of the suspension on Twitter if the association meets the states of the national government.

Buhari unveiled this in his cross country broadcast to stamp the country’s October 1 Independence Anniversary on Friday.

He mourned that new occasions have shown that the web-based media stage isn’t only a harmless stage for data spread yet other detestable exercises. Maybe, he noticed that a few clients have abused the stage to sort out, facilitate, and execute crimes, spread phony news, and advance ethnic and strict feelings.


To address these negative patterns, President Buhari said the central government suspended the tasks of Twitter in Nigeria on June 5, 2021, to permit the public authority to set up measures to address these difficulties. He said, Following the suspension of Twitter activities, Twitter Inc. connected with the Federal Government of Nigeria to determine the stalemate. In this manner, I established a Presidential Committee to connect with Twitter to investigate the chance of settling the issue.

The Committee, alongside its specialized Team, has drawn in with Twitter and has resolved a few main points of interest. These are public safety and union; enrollment, actual presence, and portrayal; reasonable tax assessment; debate goal; and neighborhood content.