Practical Ways To Embrace Vulnerability In Relationship

Vulnerability In Relationship


Love is a fire, but whether it warms your heart or burns down your house is still a mystery. With the concept of love comes vulnerability. That driving force of connection that is strong yet tender, makes us weak yet courageous, that is vulnerability.

Vulnerability in a relationship is the birthplace of trust, joy, love, and empathy. Most people in relationships tend to avoid this sensation of vulnerability because with it comes the undeniable possibility of rejection which is scary and hurtful.

The male counterparts are often faced with this trying sense of vulnerability and often at times, they mistake this feeling for weakness. Being vulnerable is often thought of as a weakness but vulnerability is a deeply important part of the human experience.

Men should come to understand the difference between being vulnerable in a relationship and being weak. Even though the two are intertwined sometimes we must understand their differences.

Relationships often crumble before they’re even started because Men abhor vulnerability. After all, it opens doors to rejection and heartbreak.

This makes them build up walls around themselves never allowing their partner to get to know them better and this often becomes an issue leading to an abrupt end in a blooming relationship. Understanding the difference between weakness and vulnerability is the knowledge that should be made known.

There are however ways of accepting vulnerability in its practical aspect and that is:


The fear of rejection can only be relinquished by accepting the fact that it is a daily aspect of our lives. Without accepting rejection, we can never truly move on, and this can become a serious issue to one’s mental health leading to depression when this is not controlled, some people are even pushed into suicide. Accepting rejection can go a long way in curbing this psychological damage and keep one in a perfect mental condition.


It is most important that we understand the differences between weakness and vulnerability and with this understanding, one could go a long way in building the perfect relationship. Vulnerability is the bedrock of emotions, it turns even weakness itself into strength and makes us even stronger than we thought we were.

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The weakness of the other side brings doubt and untrust into the relationship, breaking it apart before it even started. Understanding these two concepts could be the stepping stone we need to build a good relationship.


This is the last of the practical phase of vulnerability in a relationship. As it header already implied, this is merely accepting vulnerability as an important part of the human experience, accepting it as a prestige concept that builds up other emotions that are required in a good relationship, and accepting it as an opportunity to grow as a person and find deep satisfaction in your relationship.

Having a healthy relationship goes a long way in a person’s health and without accepting vulnerability, it is merely jeopardizing one’s emotional and psychological health.