Poem of Money By Umeh Stanley

Poem of Money By Umeh Stanley
Poem of Money- Hez News

This poem of money is written by Umeh Stanley


Even a toddler can pronounce your name without any mistake.

I do envy ur influence and power .

we cry, smile, live and die all thanks to you.

you control the world without even moving a finger and yet you have everything under you .

men do lose power and die obeying the law of nature but your consistency in living makes me more amazed

if you were to be a man I will assume you are a God because you can change situation without moving a finger

How I admire your greatness and regret your influence

you made men turn against themselves without a flick of your hands .

No wonder you don’t have a plural because of your dominating  nature

live on ,oh great man of happiness and disaster.

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