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Get the latest news and update on Hez News. Check Out The Latest Updates and Legit Info on the current happenings in Nigeria and the world. We give political, educational, social, campus info, and entertainment updates. Hez News takes the strain on the latest gist by providing legit information and news on the current happenings in Nigeria and the whole world. The main news focus and updates are as follows; religion, social, relationship tips, education, politics, entertainment, ridicule, jokes, novels, stories, and other entertainment-related content. Advertisement is one of the major services Hez News renders to people. Contact Hez News for quick response and updates on WhatsApp using 08143605692. Or Email [email protected] Hez News- Get the latest news and updates on Hez News. The website is mainly for updates and connecting to people. Ekweremmadu Arrested In Uk For Organ Harvest Students in Nigeria especially in the federal universities get recent updates. Politics is found here, economic issues, government matters, and other crucial information are found here. It is adult and child oriented. There is no discrimination or user preference. Many educating and life-changing contents are on this page. Hez News is a legal media and publicity company¬† by the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria with Business Number 3637555. CNN is a media company we access information from all angles and feeds the entire public with present happenings. International news, world updates, music, sports and entertainments are part of our activities as a media company. It is one of the Nigerian most visited websites with great recognition among Nigerian students and the world at large. Recent updates and happenings are major work of this media house with so much interest in public service and news. This media house is making it moves in outsmarting other media company as it creates employment opportunities for others and building a sustainable system that last.