Opinion: I Will Never Send My Children To A Boarding School


Rumors have it that boarding school depicts a high level of incessant acts among growing children. A man reportedly in his speech said boldly that boarding has taught him a lot in life. Many parents put their children in a boarding school because they normally lack the time to look after them due to the nature of their job. In the end, they resort to sending their children to boarding school.

He went further to narrate some illicit acts that occur in boarding schools especially homosexuality and sexual harassment from the same sex. This is indeed awful and unacceptable. Some junior students get harassed by their seniors in disguise as their masters and as their boys. This has eaten deep into so many boarding schools. Though the boarding house has its advantages and importance. It enables good reading habits and study activeness.

Parents and guardianss should check very well before enrolling their child in any boarding school especially a school of the same sex to avoid having their son or daughter a homosexual or lesbian after years of study in secondary school.

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