Obasanjo Makes Move To Support Peter Obi

Obasanjo Makes Move To Support Peter Obi
Obasanjo Makes Move To Support Peter Obi - Hez News


Obasanjo Makes Move To Support Peter Obi. Obasanjo is a major political figure in Nigeria and has vow to support Peter Obi.

Obasanjo is a former president of Nigeria and a strong political Godfather of People Democratic Party. He is currently and secretly making moves for Peter Obi to emerge as President of Nigeria come 2023.

When the story is told, it will begin with Former President Obasanjo asking Doyin Okupe to meet with Peter Obi and work out modalities for Obi’s presidential campaign.

A shocked Okupe who himself had once contested for President however agreed and met with Obi. According to Okupe himself, the day he met with Peter Obi , and Obi booked economy flight tickets for both of them was the day he threw his hat into the ring and began to market Peter Obi to Nigerians with his whole heart and might. And we are seeing the results.

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Obasanjo advised PDP governors to back Peter Obi as their candidate and they failed to do so. Obasanjo then arranged the move to Labour Party.

Obasanjo proceeded to market Peter Obi to northern power brokers successfully.

Obasanjo arranged for Peter Obi’s invitation by the British PM and other meetings with the EU and other international interests.

Obasanjo, an elder in his 80s has been doing all this silently in the background, ever the patriot. While some young Nigerians are using their energies to campaign for old sick thieving politicians to continue to drag the nation backwards.

The viral talk in town is, why is Obasanjo deeply in support of Peter Obi as president of Nigeria come 2023. He is a well known God father in Nigeria and most respected politician in PDP.

His numerous support to Peter Obi’s movement as president of Nigeria in 2023 has left many to shock and that has been a major hindrance to Atiku and Tinubu.