No PVC, No CA, Says A UNN Lecturer

UNN Lecturer

No PVC, No CA Says A UNN Lecturer

Dr. Michael Ugwueze, A Lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) in an interview has given his reason why he asked all his students to get their PVC as their Continuous Assessment (CA).

When asked in the interview why he did so, The Lecturer said that he did so because he noticed that most students play political apathy when it comes to voting and involving in politics, Also most students just believe their votes don’t count. So this was why he asked them to get their PVCs As their C.A, which will carry 30 Marks.

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He also outlined that some of his fellow lecturers have also stepped in and done something he did with their students.

Hez News got Info that Dr. Michael Ugwueze is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science.

It is time for all to take active participation in politics and change the situation in Nigeria. All lecturers in different schools in Nigeria should do the same to get students to participate in politics.

What do you think? The UNN lecturer said No PVC, No CA.

His decision was condemned by most of the students and some people.