Nnamdi Kanu Declines The Seven Allegations As Court Adjourns His Trial


The best head of the prohibited Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has argued not liable to the seven altered charges liked against him by the Federal Government.

Kanu, who was re-summoned at the Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday, said he was honest of the relative multitude of claims evened out against him.

At the point when the charges were perused to him, he argued not liable.

The Federal Government as of late revised the charges against him raising them to seven considers against the five counts he was formerly being attempted for.
The information on charges verges on treacherous crime and psychological warfare.

Kanu’s preliminary is progressing at the Federal High Court with columnists denied section into the court.

Even thoughvision’s reporter and six different columnists were cleared at the fundamental entryway of the court to enter the premises, upon landing in the entryway prompting the court, furnished DSS officials denied the writer’s passage.

The agents demanded their activity depended on “hand from a higher place”.

In the meantime, a source inside the court told court columnists that the troubled IPOB pioneer took his new supplication to the seven changed charges at around 10:45 am.

The preliminary was subsequently said to have been deferred to November.

The FG had in the revised charge checked FHC/ABJ/CR/383/2015, which was endorsed by a group of government attorneys drove by the Director, Public Prosecution of the Federation, Mr. M. B. Abubakar, affirmed that Kanu had in the facilitation of a demonstration of psychological warfare, given a destructive danger that anybody that spurned his sit-at-home request ought to compose their will.

FG asserted that because of Kanu’s mandate, banks, schools, markets, shopping centers, fuel stations were not opened for organizations, with vehicular developments grounded in the South East area of the country.

It said the activity added up to an offense despite and culpable under 1(2) (b) of the Terrorism Prevention Amendment Act, 2013.

FG asserted that Kanu had “approximately the 28th April 2015 in London, the United Kingdom did in a transmission on Radio Biafra checked in Enugu, Enugu state and different pieces of Nigeria inside the locale of this fair court, alluded to Major General Muhammadu Buhari, GCON, President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a pedophile, a psychological militant, a numbskull and an exemplification of abhorrent, realizing that same generally will be bogus and you subsequently perpetrated an offense as opposed to segment 375 of the Criminal Code Act, Cap C. 38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004”.

He was affirmed to have carried out the double-crossing lawful offense, an offense culpable under Section 41(C) of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria He was asserted to have somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2021, through Radio Biafra, proclaimed to be an individual from IPOB, a restricted association in Nigeria, and accordingly perpetrated an offense culpable under area 16 of the Terrorism Prevention Amendment Act, 2013.

In count five of the charge, FG affirmed that Kanu had on April 22, 2021, in London, the United Kingdom, on Radio Biafra checked in Enugu and different pieces of Nigeria, did a demonstration of psychological warfare “in that you welcome different individuals (devotees) of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a banished association in Nigeria, to search for security faculty, their relatives through a Radio Biafra on 102.1FM observed through the IPOB Community Radio, and you consequently dedicated an offense in opposition to and culpable under area 1 (2) (h) of the Terrorism Prevention Amendment Act, 2013.

The chief judge adjourns the trial till the 10th day of November 2021.