Nigerian Comedian in Custody


The Nigerian Navy (NN) says Instagram humorist, The Cute Abiola, is in its custody for disregarding the Armed Forces of Nigerias web-based media strategy.

Prior to The Cute Abiola, who’s genuine name is Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, was arrested, he shared a video of himself acting with a rifle and military uniform. The video, as indicated by the inscription connected, was from a film set.

Any association between the video and his capture isn’t promptly clear.

The Director of Information, Navy Headquarters, Cdre Suleman Dahun, responding to the report, said the humorist was arrested for penetrating Armed Forces online media strategy.

Adorable Abiola isn’t missing. He is in custody for penetrating Armed Forces online media strategy, the Navy representative said.

The Armed Forces Act 2017 gives rules via online media use to check undignified utilization of web-based media by individuals from the military, particularly acts that could deliver them helpless to adversaries trap or endanger progressing military activities.

Individuals or military officials ought not post their photos or those of their associates in military outfits, or pictures containing military constructions, stages and other military related things, said one of the large number of alerts in the rules.

Military faculty are likewise needed to caution their relatives against dubious behaviors via web-based media.

Staff will be expected to take responsibility for any security issues emerging from postings in regard of them by regular citizen companions or relations, the rules caution.