Nigeria Rank’s Deadliest Country On Earth

Nigeria Rank's Deadliest Country On Earth
Nigeria Rank's Deadliest Country On Earth- Hez News


The US Senate last week decried the heightened killings of Christians in Nigeria and the attendant inaction of the nation’s largely Islamic-controlled leadership over the past eight years.

Figures from a 2021 study put the killings at approximately 5,000, with thousands of other kidnap cases targeted at church leaders, making the secular nation a harbinger of death for Christians.

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In less than two months, a few high-profile cases like the massacre of hundreds of congregants at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, the abduction of a Methodist prelate Kanu, and the murder of Reverend FatherJames Kanotma, a district head of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), have sparked a global outcry with many describing Nigeria as a nation in dire need of intervention.

Rumours are ripe that members of the dreaded Fulani Herdsmen terrorist group have embarked on a ruthless Islamization agenda allegedly funded by the global network of Islamic terrorists and Nigerian Islamic extremists in power.
All over the world – from Israel to India, France to the US, and even within the shores of conflict-torn West African nations – the Islamic religion oddly parrotted as the religion of peace has remained the single biggest motivation for terror, unrest, and genocide.

As the US contemplates adding Nigeria to the list of Countries of Particular Concern (CPC), the Christian Association of Nigeria must rise to its responsibility of protecting millions of targeted followers. In the light of the carnage meted daily on Christians, especially those living in the North, a nationwide protest to raise global awareness is the least of responses expected, yet unfulfilled by the body.
The CAN leadership appears to be a sleeping toad in boiling water. It must do more to invoke the action of the United Nations and the global Christian network to the plight of defenseless Christians daily targeted on account of their faith.

Until then, Christian lives will continue to mean less, even to the Christian Association of Nigeria.