Nigeria Joins Hand In Punishing Russia, Says Minister Of Foreign Affairs


Nigeria to join different countries in hammering sanctions against Russia for attacking Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffery Onyeama, said Nigeria doesn’t support any type of military intercession in any country._

The Nigerian government has censured the intrusion of Ukraine by Russian military soldiers in the previous days, Sahara Reporters says.

Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s pastor of international concerns said Nigeria is prepared to make culpable moves against Russia for attacking Ukraine.

The pastor conceded that the central government will maintain and take on measures forced on the country by the arrangements of the United Nations Resolution.

The reason for this war between Russia and Ukraine is deepened. And much analysis is needed to be made to ascertain the real outcome. Ukraine like what most people say is like a baby country to Russia. Russia gave them what they needed as a neighboring country and as a country, they establish cordial relationships with and share common goals.

In the long run, Ukraine decided to gain self-government, sovereignty and join a body known as NATO, this got the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin infuriated and waged war against Ukraine if they go ahead in seeking self-government and partnership with NATO. This NATO is an international body comprising of so many countries in the world whose aim is to come to the aid of one another when there is a military attack or undue interference.

With the current happenings between Russia and Ukraine, the United Nations in resolving the best sanction action to take on Russia over their illegal attack on Ukraine and have started depriving Russia of some economic benefits and rights.

It is good to note that Nigeria did not support the menace and aggressive attitude of the Russian President. Also, not long ago did Vladimir Putin who learned that South Sudan supported Ukraine, demand an apology from South Sudan leaders. This is humiliation beyond borders and to crown it all, the South Sudan President, with no shame, publicly apologized on behalf of his citizens and his country.

Many said that this is the height of it all. The humiliation is much more than imagined. How can one country try overpowering other countries of the world?

Putin should be seriously cautioned, most Nigerians said. Measures are being taken to avert this issue and get Ukraine in place again. World leaders are looking into the issue currently and are seriously out to stop this anomaly showcased by their colleague, Vladimir Putin.

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