Nigeria @61: Read Buhari’s Full Speech



It is a thing of delight to the residents and each admirer of Nigeria, as today denotes the 61st birthday of the incomparable Nation, Nigeria.

In this, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari, during his National transmission, has communicated his energy and devotion towards making Nigeria a superior spot.

In his transmission in the early morning of today is October 1, 2021, as detailed by SunNews, President Buhari called attention to many major problems that are confronting the nation today and guaranteed that he could never rest until things are fixed squarely in the country.

In his transmission, Buhari’s brought up that he stays unflinching for the harmony and solidarity of Nigeria, and his Government is prepared to capture and indict all people affecting viciousness in the country.

Moreover, the president encouraged Nigerians not to trifle with Covid-19, that everybody should assemble each fundamental exertion in the battle against the pandemic.

In such a manner, the president said he has put forth genuine attempts to guarantee that Covid-19 and other related illnesses are combatted in Nigeria. He said he has coordinated the Ministries of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Health, Education and Science and Technology to work with Nigerian and International drug organizations and exploration associations to upgrade Nigeria’s homegrown drug limit.

Additionally, the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority is now bringing $2000 million up in assets to supplement the Central Bank of Nigeria’s continuous N85 billion Health Sector Research and Development Scheme to help neighborhood scientists in the improvement of antibodies and medications to battle Covid 19 and other related coherence illnesses.

In favor of Security, the President kept up with that the Nigerian military has been gaining extraordinary headway in the battle against uprising and other related security challenges in the country. He said there are large signs that Nigeria is now winning the fight against frailty, and he could never rest until Nigeria turns into the most secure spot to be on the planet.

At last, Buhari’s paid attention to the call of numerous Nigerians and conceded the contingent lifting of the restriction on Twitter, to permit residents to proceed with the utilization of the stage for business and positive commitment.