NATO: Turkey Playing Despicable Games on Sweden, Finland Desperacy

NATO: Turkey Play Game
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NATO: Turkey Playing Despicable Games on Sweden, Finland Desperacy.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Tuesday, threatened to veto Finland and Sweden’s application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), should both nations refuse to extradite a listed number of Turkish government critics seeking asylum in both nordic nations.

Under NATO laws, a new member is only admitted upon the agreement of all 30 member states. While other 29 countries have unconditionally agreed to accept and expedite Sweden and Finland’s application, Turkey’s President, Recep Erdogan is hellbent on forcing both nations into a clannish bargain as a precondition for its support.

As former colonies of the defunct Soviet Union, both nordic nations have taken the bold and necessary step to join NATO in the light of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s brutal war on Ukraine. It is widely believed that Putin intends to revive the lost glory of the Soviet Union by compelling former colonies back to subservience.

What remains unclear is the next nation Putin intends to attack if he succeeds in Ukraine. Turkey, on the other hand, has refused to burn bridges with the Kremlin government for want of trade benefits, raising suspicions that Putin holds a significant influence in Istanbul.

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Erdogan must know that not all foreign policies are hinged on selfishness and lack of altruism. Its precondition to Finland and Sweden is nothing short of silly and insensitive, especially at a time when drastic measures are needed to prevent escalating tensions or preemptive strikes.

NATO must act to prevent Turkey from exploiting Sweden and Finland’s desperation to advance their selfish interests.

It is about time NATO reviews its policy of new membership to prevent nations with sinister motives like Turkey from holding future members to ransom. Jens Stoltenberg must sanction Erdogan for leveraging Turkey’s position as a NATO member to undertake a personal vendetta against critics.