Most Shameless Rigging in Nigerian History, Nigerians Must Act Now – Kenneth Okonkwo.


Most Shameless Rigging in Nigerian History, Nigerians Must Act Now – Kenneth Okonkwo.

The Spokesperson of Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Council, Kenneth Okonkwo is spitting fire and brimstone over alleged plan to rig election against his Principal, Peter Obi in the presidential election held on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

Okonkwo took to his Official Twitter Page on Sunday accusing INEC of using delaying tactics over announcement of election results on its portal to rig the election.

The former Nollywood Actor alleged that Professor Mahmood Yakubu sneaked into Lagos to confer with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Saturday.

We are now knowing the reason Prof Mahmoud refused to fire Olusegun Agbaje, the INEC REC of Lagos State despite his open confession that he is biased against the opposition in Lagos and is openly partisan in favour of APC. Mahmoud is obeying the orders of the Chief thug of Lagos.”

“I am reliably informed that the Security Agencies are standing by without proactively stopping these Tinubu thugs from attacking innocent Nigerians. Obidients must stick together and resist these evil forces. The victory of good over evil is guaranteed. Mahmoud is complicit!!”

“This is what is going on in Lagos State now. There’s a meeting going on in Lagos APC now to change Obi’s result. We led with over 2m votes out of about 3m in Lagos and they want to allocate less than a million votes to us. Please escalate this. Where are the security agencies?”

“Whoever rigs this election against@PeterObi will die a painful death from the Almighty God and the time starts now. Just watch and [email protected] defeated APC in the National Chairman polling unit, defeated APC in the DG of APC polling unit, defeated APC in Lagos and throughout Nigeria and someone in INEC is telling us nonsense. They will perish in most disastrous circumstances. This is one election they cannot steal by the grace of God. We moovee!!!”

“There’s massive rigging and falsification of results in collation centres against Labour Party and in favour of the defeated criminal APC led by INEC officials.”

“Please Obidients should pile pressure on this man for allowing the delay of uploading presidential election results to the INEC server. This is now the official face of electoral fraud in Nigeria. We should not wait for them to announce the stolen results before we act.”