Most Rev.Prof. Daddy Hezekiah Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Queen Elizabeth 11

Most Rev.Prof. Hezekiah Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Queen Elizabeth 11

The founder and Archbishop of Living Christ Mission, His Grace, The Most Rev.Prof.Daddy Hezekiah MFR, Chancellor, Hezekiah University, Imo State, Nigeria has commiserated with the family of Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor 11, the prime minister and the entire citizens of the United Kingdom, including friends and peoples of goodwill across the world over the death of an internationally respected monarch, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11 on the 8th day of September, 2022.

In a release, Most Rev Prof Hezekiah emphasised that the death of Queen Elizabeth has left a vacuum very hard to fill, adding that she was indeed, a great matriarch with the longest reign in British monarchy and the second longest serving monarch of a sovereign country.

He noted that Her Majesty attracted dignitaries to the royal stool of England and this attribute of excellence made personalities in the world visit the United Kingdom more than some other countries across the globe, in order to have personal contact with the Queen, and identified it as an indelible and remarkable memory of great repute.

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Prof.Daddy Hezekiah’s view on Nnamdi Kanu

The anointed prophet of the Most High God started with every sense of objectivity that her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11 seventy years of stainless, selfless and democratic reign as a Queen, generated monumental global recognition and profound respect for the stool of a monarchy and the institution of monarchy, hence her monarchial reign and highly personal responsibility elevated both the stool of a monarch and the institution of monarchy to an enviable height of honour, prestige and integrity.

He revealed that her character of honesty, transparency and equity made the world understand the real sense of one being a monarch with a difference, stressing that Queen Elizabeth’s humiliation serving God and humanity was very unprecedented in the annuals of monarchial history, little wonder of Her Majesty had gladly received and sat on her royal electric golf curt with some African leaders who visited her and decided it as a highly revered gesture which most world leaders have done.

Most Rev. Prof. Hezekiah maintained that one thing is certain, the late Queen had written her golden name on the global golden platform of Human History with a golden pen, hence according to him ‘fame is a vapor, riches take wind, only one thing endures in this life and that is good character ‘.