Women Affairs Minister Narrates Full Details Of The Death Of Osinachi Nwachukwu


Minister of Women Affairs narrates full details on the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu after visiting her house and interrogation her children. The minister of Women Affairs gave a conclusion on the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu.

On Wednesday, Minister of Women’s Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen, uncovered that the spouse of late gospel craftsman Pastor, Peter Nwachukwu compromised and cautioned their four kids not to at any point unveil how he beat/abused their mom to anyone before he was captured by Police agents following claims of aggressive behavior at home against him.

Uncovering that she visited the Abuja home of the perished on Tuesday to relate to the damaged youngsters, the Women Affairs serve said, “It is so damaging, so deplorable, the demise of Osinachi.

“At the point when I came into the compound, I saw the kids, four delightful youngsters; three young men, one young lady. He (Peter) had let the youngsters know that they shouldn’t talk about the things that have been going on in the house.

“I came in with every one of the chiefs in the service. Whenever I was clarifying some pressing issues, I saw that the youngsters were not impending. I pardoned everybody and said I needed to have a one-on-one with the kids.

“I previously talked with the main child. I asked him, ‘Do you love your mom?’ He said, ‘OK’. ‘Has your mummy helped you to lie?’ He said, ‘OK’. I inquired as to whether she is as yet alive and he said she is dead.

I asked him, “Do you have any idea that she is currently your holy messenger and she is presently watching you?’ He said, ‘OK’. ‘Along these lines, it will be extremely miserable assuming you lie’.

“I presented myself and I let him know the President is concerned, each Nigerian is concerned, we as a whole go along with them to grieve Osinachi’s passing yet what we need from him is real he opened up. He said that their father used to beat their mother and their mother was miserable all of the time. He would beat her and flagellate her. He said their dad would assemble them in the room and be beating them and assuming that the mother comes into the space to stop him, he would walk out on her and beat her up. Furthermore, that has generally been the situation.

“The kids said it was their mother that goes around on her gospel music, returns with her cash. Truth be told, assuming the cash is paid through (a) financial balance, it was paid into his record.


“She has no record of her own, any cash she has, he gathers it and gives her only nut for taking care of and when she cooks, he began yelling and beating her. Also, their mother was living in dread and was miserable 100% of the time.

“It was such a terrible story from a little fellow that is supposed to be only 12. I asked him what class he is and he said Class Five. At 12 years old? I said, ‘Why?’ And he said he couldn’t peruse. Thus, intellectually, this kid is now obliterated.

“I was engaging with tears and when he got done, I approached the subsequent child.


“I was fighting with tears and when he got done, I approached the subsequent child.

“The subsequent child rehashed a similar horrendous circumstance as well as the third child.