Medical Scholarships to International Students in Canada



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  • Schools that offer medical scholarships to international students in Canada
  • Top Medical Scholarships for International Students in Canada


Medical Scholarships are usually very expensive especially in a country with some of the best universities in the world.


The schools in Canada offer top-notch education to students. For medical students, it has become a favorite ground for students from different parts of the world.


The best part is that there are lots of medical scholarships available for students who wish to pursue a medical course in Canada. This article lists the top medical scholarships available for international students in Canada.


A lot of us witnessed or heard about the outbreak of SARS in 2003, the H1N1 flu in 2009, and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there has been significant growth in the medical field across the world. Canada, not being an exception, has pulled medical students from all over the world to assist in the control of the pandemic.


Schools that offer medical scholarships to international students in Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world with top institutions that offers world-class education. Their educational system is regarded as one of the best in the world.


Talking about Canada’s medical schools, a lot on the list offers free scholarships to help international students study medicine free.


Below is a list of universities that offer free and sometimes fully funded medicine scholarships to students from developing countries:

  • The University of Waterloo
  • McGill University Canada
  • University Of Toronto Canada
  • Quest University Scholarship
  • The University of Manitoba
  • York University
  • The University of Carleton
  • University of British Columbia
  • The University of Alberta
  • University of Prince Edward Island
  • Brandon University
  • University of Guelph
  • Mount Saint Vincent University


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Top Medical Scholarships for International Students in Canada

1. Cumulative Annual Average Entrance Scholarship: Cumulative annual average entrance scholarship is offered by the University of Toronto and McGill University. It provides $$15,000per year to each successful applicant. These are considered renewable awards and only applicants who have earned an admission offer can apply for them.


2. Viterbi Scholarship: The Viterbi scholarship is also awarded to outstanding international students at UBC, Simon Fraser University, McMaster University, Université de Montréal, Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke, Université de Moncton, Concordia University, Dalhousie University, Ryerson University, Western University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, York University, Queen’s University, Saint Mary’s University, Wilfrid Laurier University, Bishop’s University, York University, Ryerson University, Mount Allison University, Wilfrid Laurier University, Queen’s University, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


3. Victoria Mather Medical Research Award: This award is given to excellent international students at Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Bishop’s University, and Ryerson University.


The grant covers tuition fees for four years and $2000 annually for living expenses. This award is open to all eligible applicants regardless of their nationality.


4. Baker Hughes Scholarships: These are two major scholarships at Dalhousie University. One is given to outstanding international students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and the other one is given to those students in social sciences and arts and humanities.


Both grants provide financial assistance for undergraduate study in any faculty at Dalhousie University. The Baker Hughes Scholars receive a stipend of $32,000 CAD annually and an additional $7,000 CAD per year towards research expenses.


The annual funding will be provided for up to 4 years of study at Dalhousie University. This scholarship covers tuition fees and provides minimum annual funding of $28,000 CAD for the successful applicant.


5. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan: This is a prestigious program that offers many benefits to outstanding international students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in Canada.


A merit-based scholarship scheme is designed to assist those who want to further their education in Canada by studying at one of the select academic institutions across the country. Successful applicants receive financial support from the Government of Canada and from private-sector donors to fund their tuition fees and living expenses during their studies.


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