Mbaka Forced To Obey Bishop Order

Father Mbaka Statement on Peter Obi

The Enugu Catholic Diocese on Friday slammed an indefinite suspension of a controversial catholic clergyman, Camillus Ejike Mbaka, alias Fr. Mbaka, for his latest spate of derogatory remarks on the former governor of Anambra State Peter Obi.

Mbaka had referred to the Labour party presidential aspirant as ‘cursed’ and ‘stingy’ and undeserving of the national seat of power.

Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry prayer ground in Emene Enugu, which has garnered popularity for its intense prayer sessions and cantankerous political prophecies, was on Wednesday, sealed off after repeated violations of the Catholic code of conduct by the self-styled priest.

Abaka daily mounts the pulpit to inundate a teeming throng of the miracle-seeking faithful with the need to uphold obedience, only to condescend to higher Catholic authorities thereafter with an egregious display of disobedience.

Choosing to frolic with politicians has become a lifestyle for the preacher.’ In 2019, the flippant prophet reportedly stormed Aso Rock in the company of three contractors allegedly seeking a return ffavorrom President Buhari. Mbaka had spread the gospel of acceptance for the ex-dictator cum Islamic extremist leader in the run-up to the 2019 general elections.

This happened at a time when Buhari’s first-term failure and incompetence reverberated even among the deaf. Mbaka would gleefully lacerate the pinna of his hooked believers with visions of Buhari as the mallam who doubles as a messiah. Buhari eventually disappointed Mbaka.

As another election season draws close, Mbaka may have suddenly found his voice again. The Peter Obi fiasco is only the latest in a series of Mbaka’s ever-growing “Gehazi’ tendencies. labeling presidential aspirants ‘stingy’ on account of his decision to desist from wasteful electoral bribery, is utterly disgraceful conduct, especially in the light of the reputation of the  Enugu Catholic diocese.

Father Oluoma Replies To Father Mbaka On His Statement

Mbaka has since been forced to apologize for fear of losing his source of income. However, his cult-like followers, in defiance of the orders, have reportedly taken to the streets in protest labeling the ban, an attack on Mbaka’s freedom of speech.

It is uncertain how long Mbaka will be put out of active service at the adoration ground. What is certain, however, is the disgrace and disrepute such political frolicking daily brings to the pristine values and teachings of true Christianity, especially in the sight of non-Christians and unbelievers.

To this, the actions of the Enugu catholic diocese remain commendable, and men like Mbaka must never be left to adopt traits of lawlessness found amongst Nigerian politicians in the house of God.

As for his prophecies, even a broken clock is right twice a day.