Matchless Reasons To Support Peter Obi’s Movement Come 2023

Peter Obi's votes 'll come from Twittter says Atiku group
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Once again the level which the government of the country holds its citizens has been exposed. A Twitter user recently twitted on his handle about the Federal government giving the sum of 1.4 billion naria to Niger republic, this money was to be used to buy SUVs, the 2022 version , costing about a 140 million each.

At first Nigerians were in doubt about this news till the Federal government itself acknowledged it, saying that it was given to Niger republic to help them fight insecurity in their country.

A lot of questions arose, Shouldn’t that money be best used in sending our children back to their classes, in paying off ASUU?

What about the insecurity in Nigeria also?. Recently no day goes by without news about killings or kidnappings in their numbers. Yet we still had money to spare. A country that bandits attacked the president, a country that the national prison is a mockery.

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This is a typical case of leaving your house which is on fire to remove a neighbor’s splinter. But the government in their defense said that Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President had done the same for Ghana, once again we ask , just because Obasanjo had done something like this in the past that almost also brought ruin to the country, should we let our current president do the same?.

Seeing the current state of Nigeria, we are the ones in need of help. There should be armed forces in every state, every major road and left for me every street in the country.

The very same people who prioritized Niger republic problems over our own insecurity problems, inflation, unstable rate of naria and the ASUU strike. These same people have reportedly said that ASUU’s demands are unrealistic and couldn’t be met.

That ASUU wants them to go borrowing which they said they wouldn’t. All these makes you question if they think us fools or worst ,mannequins who cannot speak or move.

Our government has betrayed us. On the other hand one must also stop and think, Are the latest version of SUV the best vehicles for fighting crime, are they not luxury cars? We are lost in this country, we have let the blind lead us for far too long.

A country that ignores the need of it’s people and supplies luxury to another country. Just the other day, the President went away to give a talk about security in another country while he has left many cases of kidnappings and killings unattended to.

Nigerians are either dying of hunger, or in the hands of terrorists and robbers or the young are stuck at home trying to cope in a system that doesn’t even recognize them. We must stop this, we mustn’t let them make fools out of us and waste our children’s future.

The only way to do this is to remove these people acting like they are working for the country while they are going out of the way to make lives miserable for citizens.

Let us all vote in this coming election. Let us leave our talk of not being political, because when all of the consequences of a neglected election begins, it’s not only the political that suffer but all of us. Let us make this their last act of supposed kindness. Let us pick a better Nigeria.